Knurled foot with high resistance fixed threaded pin

Technical Sheet


Polyamide-based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant ro organic and inorganic chemical substances such as oils, greases, fuels and solvents.


Black with satin finish.


Galvanized steel.


100 - 200 - 300 pcs.

2D and 3D technical drawing

CodeDescriptionDAdhWeight Kg. x1000 pcsStock
017025B2070 D.25 M5x17256M5178,00
017025B2570 D.25 M5x22256M5229,00
017025B3070 D.25 M5x27256M52710,00
017025B4070 D.25 M5x37256M53711,00
017025B5070 D.25 M5x47256M54712,00
017025C1570 D.25 M6x13256M6136,00
017025C2070 D.25 M6x17256M6179,00
017025C2570 D.25 M6x22256M62210,00
017025C3070 D.25 M6x27256M62712,00
017025C4070 D.25 M6x37256M63714,00
017025C5070 D.25 M6x47256M64716,00
017025D1570 D.25 M8x13256M8139,00
017025D2070 D.25 M8x16256M81611,00
017025D2570 D.25 M8x21256M82112,00
017025D3070 D.25 M8x26256M82614,00
017025D4070 D.25 M8x36256M83616,00
017025D5070 D.25 M8x46256M84618,00
017025D7570 D.25 M8x71256M87127,00
017025E2570 D.25 M10x19256M101916,00
017025E3070 D.25 M10x24256M102417,00
017025E4070 D.25 M10x34256M103419,00
017025E5070 D.25 M10x44256M104421,00
017025E6070 D.25 M10x54256M105423,00
017029B2070 D.29 M5x17297M5178,00
017029B3070 D.29 M5x27297M5278,00
017029B4070 D.29 M5x37297M53715,00
017029C1270 D.29 M6x9297M698,00
017029C2070 D.29 M6x17297M61711,00
017029C2570 D.29 M6x22297M62212,00
017029C3070 D.29 M6x27297M62713,00
017029C4070 D.29 M6x37297M63715,00
017029C5070 D.29 M6x47297M64717,00
017029D2070 D.29 M8x16297M81615,00
017029D2570 D.29 M8x21297M82116,00
017029D3070 D.29 M8x26297M82617,00
017029D4070 D.29 M8x36297M83619,00
017029D5070 D.29 M8x46297M84621,00
017029D7570 D.29 M8x71297M87129,00
017029E2570 D.29 M10x19297M101920,00
017029E3070 D.29 M10x24297M102421,00
017029E4070 D.29 M10x34297M103423,00
017029E5070 D.29 M10x44297M104425,00
017029E6070 D.29 M10x54297M105427,00
017029E7070 D.29 M10x64297M106429,00
017032B2070 D.32 M5x17328M51710,00
017032C2070 D.32 M6x17328M61713,00
017032C2570 D.32 M6x22328M62214,00
017032C3070 D.32 M6x27328M62715,00
017032C4070 D.32 M6x37328M63717,00
017032C5070 D.32 M6x47328M64719,00
017032D2070 D.32 M8x16328M81617,00
017032D2570 D.32 M8x21328M82118,00
017032D3070 D.32 M8x26328M82619,00
017032D4070 D.32 M8x36328M83621,00
017032D5070 D.32 M8x46328M84623,00
017032D7570 D.32 M8x71328M87131,00
017032E2570 D.32 M10x19328M101922,00
017032E3070 D.32 M10x24328M102423,00
017032E4070 D.32 M10x34328M103425,00
017032E5070 D.32 M10x44328M104427,00
017032E6070 D.32 M10x54328M105429,00
017038B2570 D.38 M5x22389M52212,00
017038B3070 D.38 M5x27389M52712,00
017038B5070 D.38 M5x47389M54715,00
017038C2070 D.38 M6x17389M61716,00
017038C3070 D.38 M6x27389M62718,00
017038C4070 D.38 M6x37389M63720,00
017038C5070 D.38 M6x47389M64722,00
017038D2070 D.38 M8x16389M81619,00
017038D2570 D.38 M8x21389M82120,00
017038D3070 D.38 M8x26389M82622,00
017038D4070 D.38 M8x36389M83624,00
017038D5070 D.38 M8x46389M84626,00
017038D6070 D.38 M8x56389M85631,00
017038D7570 D.38 M8x71389M87135,00
017038D10070 D.38 M8x96389M89643,00
017038E1670 D.38 M10x10389M101022,00
017038E2070 D.38 M10x14389M101425,00
017038E2570 D.38 M10x19389M101925,00
017038E3070 D.38 M10x24389M102425,00
017038E3570 D.38 M10x29389M102928,00
017038E4070 D.38 M10x34389M103429,00
017038E5070 D.38 M10x44389M104429,00
017038E6070 D.38 M10x54389M105431,00
017038E7070 D.38 M10x64389M106431,00
017044C2070 D.44 M6x174410M61721,00
017044C2570 D.44 M6x224410M62222,00
017044C3070 D.44 M6x274410M62723,00
017044C4070 D.44 M6x374410M63723,00
017044C5070 D.44 M6x474410M64723,00
017044D1670 D.44 M8x124410M81222,00
017044D2070 D.44 M8x164410M81625,00
017044D2570 D.44 M8x214410M82126,00
017044D3070 D.44 M8x264410M82627,00
017044D3570 D.44 M8x314410M83128,00
017044D4070 D.44 M8x364410M83628,00
017044D4570 D.44 M8x414410M84131,00
017044D5070 D.44 M8x464410M84633,00
017044D7570 D.44 M8x714410M87140,00
017044E1670 D.44 M10x104410M101022,00
017044E2070 D.44 M10x144410M101425,00
017044E2570 D.44 M10x194410M101928,00
017044E3070 D.44 M10x244410M102429,00
017044E4070 D.44 M10x344410M103430,00
017044E5070 D.44 M10x444410M104432,00
017044E6070 D.44 M10x544410M105434,00
017060D2070 D.60 M8x166010M81623,00
017060E1670 D.60 M10x106010M101026,00
017060E2070 D.60 M10x146010M101428,00
017060E2570 D.60 M10x196010M101932,00
017060E3070 D.60 M10x246010M102433,00
017060E3570 D.60 M10x296010M102934,00
017060E4070 D.60 M10x346010M103437,00
017060E5070 D.60 M10x446010M104443,00
017060E6070 D.60 M10x546010M105447,00
017060E7070 D.60 M10x646010M106450,00
017060E8070 D.60 M10x746010M107452,00

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