Knurled foot with fixed threaded pin

Technical Sheet


Polyethylene-based (PE) technopolymer. Resistant to organic and inorganic chemical substances such as oils, greases, fuels and solvents.


Black with satin finish.


Galvanized steel.


100 - 200 - 300 pcs.

2D and 3D technical drawing

CodeDescriptionDAdhWeight Kg. x1000 pcsStock
017112B2571 D.12 M5x22125M5224,00
017115A1071 D.15 M4x8155M483,00
017115A1271 D.15 M4x10155M4103,00
017115A1471 D.15 M4x12155M4123,00
017115A2571 D.15 M4x23155M4233,00
017115B1671 D.15 M5x13156M5133,00
017115B2071 D.15 M5x17156M5173,00
017115B2571 D.15 M5x22156M5224,00
017115B3071 D.15 M5x27156M5275,00
017115B4071 D.15 M5x37156M5377,00
017115B5071 D.15 M5x47156M5479,00
017115C1271 D.15 M6x9156M694,00
017115C1471 D.15 M6x11156M6114,00
017115C1671 D.15 M6x13156M6134,00
017115C2071 D.15 M6x17156M6175,00
017115C2571 D.15 M6x22156M6226,00
017115C3071 D.15 M6x27156M6277,00
017115C4071 D.15 M6x37156M6379,00
017115C5071 D.15 M6x47156M64710,00
017115C6071 D.15 M6x57156M65710,00
017120A1071 D.20 M4x8205M482,00
017120A1271 D.20 M4x10205M4103,00
017120A1671 D.20 M4x14205M4143,00
017120A2071 D.20 M4x18205M4183,00
017120A3071 D.20 M4x28205M4286,00
017120B1271 D.20 M5x9205M593,00
017120B1671 D.20 M5x13206M5134,00
017120B2071 D.20 M5x17206M5175,00
017120B2571 D.20 M5x22206M5226,00
017120B3071 D.20 M5x27206M5277,00
017120B4071 D.20 M5x37206M5379,00
017120B5071 D.20 M5x47206M54710,00
017120C1271 D.20 M6x9206M694,00
017120C1471 D.20 M6x11206M6114,00
017120C1671 D.20 M6x13206M6135,00
017120C2071 D.20 M6x17206M6176,00
017120C2571 D.20 M6x22206M6227,00
017120C3071 D.20 M6x27206M6278,00
017120C4071 D.20 M6x37206M63710,00
017120C5071 D.20 M6x47206M64711,00
017120C6071 D.20 M6x57206M65712,00
017120D1671 D.20 M8x12208M8129,00
017120D2071 D.20 M8x16208M81610,00
017120D2571 D.20 M8x21206M82111,00
017120D3071 D.20 M8x26206M82612,00
017120D4071 D.20 M8x36206M83614,00
017120D5071 D.20 M8x46206M84616,00
017120D6071 D.20 M8x56208M85620,00
017125A1071 D.25 M4x8255M484,00
017125A1671 D.25 M4x14255M4144,00
017125B1071 D.25 M5x7255M575,00
017125B1671 D.25 M5x13256M5137,00
017125B2071 D.25 M5x17256M5178,00
017125B2571 D.25 M5x22256M5229,00
017125B3071 D.25 M5x27256M52710,00
017125B4071 D.25 M5x37256M53712,00
017125B5071 D.25 M5x47256M54714,00
017125C1271 D.25 M6x9256M696,00
017125C1471 D.25 M6x11256M6116,00
017125C1671 D.25 M6x13256M6138,00
017125C2071 D.25 M6x17256M61710,00
017125C2571 D.25 M6x22256M62211,00
017125C3071 D.25 M6x27256M62712,00
017125C4071 D.25 M6x37256M63714,00
017125C5071 D.25 M6x47256M64716,00
017125C7071 D.25 M6x67256M66712,00
017125D1671 D.25 M8x12256M81211,00
017125D2071 D.25 M8x16256M81612,00
017125D2571 D.25 M8x21258M82113,00
017125D3071 D.25 M8x26256M82614,00
017125D3571 D.25 M8x31258M83117,00
017125D4071 D.25 M8x36256M83617,00
017125D5071 D.25 M8x46256M84618,00
017125D6071 D.25 M8x56258M85622,00

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