Knob with threaded pin

Technical Sheet

Knob material

Stainless steel AISI 316 with sandblasted finish.

Insert material

Stainless steel AISI 303.


1 pcs.

2D and 3D technical drawing

CodeDescriptionDLd1l3l2sdlWeight gramsStock
01TSP40C12TSP D.40 M6x124025226,511,519M612110
01TSP40C16TSP D.40 M6x164025226,511,519M616111
01TSP40C20TSP D.40 M6x204025226,511,519M620112
01TSP40C30TSP D.40 M6x304025226,511,519M630115
01TSP40C50TSP D.40 M6x504025226,511,519M650118
01TSP40D20TSP D.40 M8x204025226,511,519M820117
01TSP40D30TSP D.40 M8x304025226,511,519M830120
01TSP40D40TSP D.40 M8x404025226,511,519M840123
01TSP50D20TSP D.50 M8x2050322571422M820198
01TSP50D30TSP D.50 M8x3050322571422M830201
01TSP50D40TSP D.50 M8x4050322571422M840204
01TSP50E20TSP D.50 M10x2050322571422M1020208
01TSP50E30TSP D.50 M10x3050322571422M1030211
01TSP50E40TSP D.50 M10x4050322571422M1040214
01TSP60E30TSP D.60 M10x3060383071724M1030349
01TSP60E40TSP D.60 M10x4060383071724M1040352
01TSP60E50TSP D.60 M10x5060383071724M1050355
01TSP60F30TSP D.60 M12x3060383071724M1230366
01TSP60F40TSP D.60 M12x4060383071724M1240369
01TSP60F50TSP D.60 M12x5060383071724M1250372

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