6-lobe knob with blind threaded bush

Technical Sheet


Polyamide-based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant to organic and inorganic chemical substances such as oils, greases, fuels and solvents.


Black. Other colours for suitable quantities.


Brass. Special inserts on design, on request for suitable quantities.


1116F 30/40: 25 - 100 - 200 pcs.
1116F 50/60/70: 10 - 50 - 100 pcs.
1116F 90: 1 - 10 - 50 pcs.

2D and 3D technical drawing

CodeDescriptionDLd1l2dhWeight gramsStock
1116F30005001116/F D.30 M5 3019148M598,73
1116F3000600 1116/F D.30 M6 3019148M699,13
1116F3000800 1116/F D.30 M8 3019148M81211
1116F4000600 1116/F D.40 M6 40251812M61421
1116F4000800 1116/F D.40 M8 40251812M81722
1116F40010001116/F D.40 M10 40251812M101725
1116F5000600 1116/F D.50 M650282113M6941
1116F5000800 1116/F D.50 M850282113M81744
1116F50010001116/F D.50 M1050282113M101747
1116F5001200 1116/F D.50 M1250282113M121747
1116F60008001116/F D.60 M860372419M81755
1116F60010001116/F D.60 M1060372419M101757
1116F60012001116/F D.60 M1260372419M121759,5
1116F70010001116/F D.70 M1070412420M102494
1116F7001200 1116/F D.70 M12 70412420M1224105
1116F7001400 1116/F D.70 M14 70412420M1424116
1116F7001600 1116/F D.70 M16 70412420M1624127
1116F9001200 1116/F D.90 M12 90563431M1224126
1116F9001400 1116/F D.90 M14 90563431M1424137
1116F9001600 1116/F D.90 M16 90563431M1624148
1116F9001800 1116/F D.90 M18 90563431M1824159

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