Fluted grip knob with threaded pin

Technical Sheet


Polyamide-based (PA) technopolymer. Resistant to organic and inorganic chemical substances such as oils, greases, fuels and solvents.


Black with satin finish.
Other colours for suitable quantities.


Galvanized steel. Special inserts on design and/or in brass, on request, for suitable quantities.


25 - 100 - 200 pcs.

2D and 3D technical drawing

CodeDescriptionDLd1l2dlWeight gramsStock
01TBP15Z10TBP 15 M3x101513,511,55M3103
01TBP15A10TBP 15 M4x101513,511,55M4104
01TBP15A15TBP 15 M4x151513,511,55M4155
01TBP15A25TBP 15 M4x251513,511,55M4259
01TBP15B10TBP 15 M5x101513,511,55M5106
01TBP15B15TBP 15 M5x151513,511,55M5157
01TBP15C15TBP 15 M6x151513,511,55M6159
01TBP20B10TBP 20 M5x102016136M5105
01TBP20B15TBP 20 M5x152016136M5158
01TBP20B20TBP 20 M5x202016136M52010
01TBP20B25TBP 20 M5x252016136M52511
01TBP20C10TBP 20 M6x102016136M6108
01TBP20C15TBP 20 M6x152016136M6159
01TBP20C20TBP 20 M6x202016136M62010
01TBP20C25TBP 20 M6x252016136M62511
01TBP20C30TBP 20 M6x302016136M63012
01TBP20C40TBP 20 M6x402016136M64013
01TBP25B10TBP 25 M5x102519168M5108
01TBP25B15TBP 25 M5x152519168M5159
01TBP25B20TBP 25 M5x202519168M52010
01TBP25B25TBP 25 M5x252519168M52511
01TBP25C10TBP 25 M6x102519168M6109
01TBP25C15TBP 25 M6x152519168M61510
01TBP25C20TBP 25 M6x202519168M62011
01TBP25C25TBP 25 M6x252519168M62512
01TBP25D15TBP 25 M8x152519168M81514
01TBP25D20TBP 25 M8x202519168M82015
01TBP25D25TBP 25 M8x252519168M82517
01TBP32C15TBP 32 M6x153222179M61513
01TBP32C20TBP 32 M6x203222179M62015
01TBP32C30TBP 32 M6x303222179M63017
01TBP32C40TBP 32 M6x403222179M64019
01TBP32D15TBP 32 M8x153222179M81518
01TBP32D20TBP 32 M8x203222179M82020
01TBP32D25TBP 32 M8x253222179M82522
01TBP32D30TBP 32 M8x303222179M83024
01TBP32D35TBP32 M8x353222179M83525
01TBP32D40TBP 32 M8x403222179M84030

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