Metal adjustable clamping lever with stainless steel threaded bush

Technical Sheet

Clamping lever material

Die-cast zinc alloy with epoxide resin painting.

Clamping lever colour

Black RAL 9005 with satin finish. Orange RAL 2004 with shiny finish. Other colours for suitable quantities.


Stainless steel AISI 303. Special inserts on design and/or in nickel-plated brass, on request for suitable quantities.

Return spring

Stainless steel AISI 302.

Stop screw

Stainless steel AISI 304. It can be used for the assembly of the lever with nut-runner.

Screw cover button

Technopolymer with satin finish.
Standard colour: orange RAL 2004 for black lever and black RAL 7021 for orange lever.
Other available colours: yellow RAL 1021, red RAL 3020, green RAL 6018, blue RAL 5015, grey RAL 7035.
Customization of the button with client's logo for suitable quantities.


10 - 50 - 100 pcs.

2D and 3D technical drawing

CodeDescriptionABDSHH1h1h3d1h2dhWeight gramsStock
01NHA45BX..NHA-BX 45 M5455213,69,430342510,5104,2M5828
01NHA45CX..NHA-BX 45 M6455213,69,430342510,5104,2M6827
01NHA60CX..NHA-BX 60 M662,571181238,542,530,51813,56M61166
01NHA60DX..NHA-BX 60 M862,571181238,542,530,51813,56M81164
01NHA78DX..NHA-BX 78 M877,588211446503620168M816110
01NHA78EX..NHA-BX 78 M1077,588211446503620168M1016107
01NHA78FX..NHA-BX 78 M1277,588211446503620168M1216102
01NHA92EX..NHA-BX 92 M10921042416,553,5574225199,5M1020166
01NHA92FX..NHA-BX 92 M12921042416,553,5574225199,5M1220160
01NHA92NX..NHA-BX 92 M14921042416,553,5574225199,5M1420156
01NHA45BAX..NHA-BX 45 M5 RAL 2004455213,69,430342510,5104,2M5828
01NHA45CAX..NHA-BX 45 M6 RAL 2004455213,69,430342510,5104,2M6827
01NHA60CAX..NHA-BX 60 M6 RAL 200462,571181238,542,530,51813,56M61166
01NHA60DAX..NHA-BX 60 M8 RAL 200462,571181238,542,530,51813,56M81164
01NHA78DAX..NHA-BX 78 M8 RAL 200477,588211446503620168M816110
01NHA78EAX..NHA-BX 78 M10 RAL 200477,588211446503620168M1016107
01NHA78FAX..NHA-BX 78 M12 RAL 200477,588211446503620168M1216102
01NHA92EAX..NHA-BX 92 M10 RAL 2004921042416,553,5574225199,5M1020166
01NHA92FAX..NHA-BX 92 M12 RAL 2004921042416,553,5574225199,5M1220160
01NHA92NAX..NHA-BX 92 M14 RAL 2004921042416,553,5574225199,5M1420156

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